Berril C.

Here is Berril's story:

Berril was born in 2008.  She would be in the 8th grade.

Currently, her single uncle is trying to provide for her.  He is financially not stable trying to take care of his own family.  

Most of us in the west think that Kenya is simply incredible wildlife, Masai people, and Mount Kenya.  But it is far more than that.  Kenya is an economically challenged country with a GDP per capita of $2,099.  Compare that to the USA of $75,000.

Girls like Berril not only come from an economically challenging background, but they have all of the characteristics for being exploited.

Here is more of Berril's story.  

Her mom was homeless and used to live in a shopping center area with her 8 children.  Berril's Mom discovered she was HIV positive.  At that point Berril's father disappeared.  Her Mom had no one to turn to, and became very depressed.  Later she had some level of a stroke and also disappeared, abandoning all of her children.

The elder children left without a trace of where they went, leaving Ivy and her sister Berril behind.

A church stepped in to help. This is how our partner found Ivy, and developed a relationship with her.

In our Hope4Angels program, you will see another girl named Ivy.  That is Berril's biological sister.

Obviously this is a very fragile situation, and Berril could use a person like you to step in and change the direction of her life.  (Ref. No. Ver-002)

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