Chandani & Kumari

Here is Chandani's story.  

She is from the state of Bihar in India.  Bihar is one the economically poorest states in India.

Here is Alisha's story in her own words:

My father’s behavior is not good for own family. He did rape my 2-elder sister, after my sister marriage he start to rape me and he want to rape with our 3younger sister, and he doesn’t want to send the school and educate us, and we don’t obey my father then he always beaten up too. My sisters and my mother had a police case against him. Now he is in the jail and we are living with my mother at Jehanabad, I want to study but my mother sale the vegetable and (Ref. No. PPRI-0002).

India is a very "spiritual" country.  People of all ages have grown up with religion.  It is natural.  But most people have not heard about God's amazing love for all of us.

We are longing for the state of Bihar to come to know Jesus.  You can be part of changing history for a state and a country, by changing Chandani's life through love and education.

Below is Chandani's sister Kumari

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