Kiran J.

This is the story of Kiran and her family.

She is from the Kalwa Slum in Mumbai, India.  Mumbai.  which has an estimated population of 21,000,000.

She has 2 sisters and a brother.

The brother is 17 and has a drug addiction problem.  Sanoli is definitely a high risk girl.

Their mother Rani lost her husband 10 years ago due to alcohol abuse. Rani faced rejection from her in-laws, and society. She was blamed as the one causes her husband' death. She continues to struggle to raise her 3 children alone .

A new man came along and promised Rani he would marry her and look after her 4 children. Rani believed him and married him. Sadly her second husband left her for another woman. 

We have known Rani (the mom) for a few years.  Now she believes in Jesus and comes in our weekly fellowship. 

Rani doesn't have her own home. She stays in a illigal slum area.  She does day jobs including picking up trash.  That is her meager living.  The area is not at all safe for her girls and for herself.  Secret prostitution going on next door to Rani and her girls.

The girls not only need to be in school.  But Rani needs to find a new place to live immediately. 

Kiran is the oldest girl, and feels the extra pressure of that position.  You could be the vehicle that God uses to bring new life to Kiran.

Your monthly or quarterly support will completely cover all recurring school fees, and will also provide for some required "extras" such as school supplies and uniforms.  If you would prefer to provide a year's support in advance, you may select the "Yearly" option, which will auto-renew every year, or the "One Time" option for a single year.

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