Nakalyowa K.

Nakalyowa is 5 years old and lives in the country of Uganda near the town of Kakiri.  Her father died from drowning two years ago, and she lives with her mother and older sister.  After her father died, her mother was not able to keep Nakalyowa in school.  She very much wants to go to school and would like to become a teacher one day.  Your support of her education will help her to achieve this goal and keep her from sexual exploitation.  (Ref. No. FN-0009)

Your monthly or quarterly support will completely cover all recurring school fees, and will also provide for some required "extras" such as school supplies and uniforms.  If you would prefer to provide a year's support in advance, you may select the "Yearly" option, which will auto-renew every year, or the "One Time" option for a single year.

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